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Reinstate Telford School's Lollipop Person

Warwickshire County Council Road Safety Unit have made the decision to not reappoint a School Crossing Patrol Officer for Telford School. This was following an assessment which resulted in Telford Avenue not being considered eligible. This decision was reached using national guidelines and not by the school or it's governors.Concern has been raised by Richard Siviter (Head Teacher) and parents and children have been asked to consider safety in the absence of a Crossing Patrol Officer.Please sign this petition to demonstrate your view that Telford Avenue requires a Crossing Patrol Officer and that the funding for this post is a small price to pay to safeguard the safety of children and parents. I'm sure you'll agree that during drop off and pick up times Telford Avenue is a busy and potentially dangerous place with heavy traffic and in places limited visibility (due to parked cars) to make crossing safe for all. Telford Avenue is used as a cut through for many and is also part of a bus route making it a generally busy and at times speedy thoroughfare.Hopefully if enough people feel strongly enough about this issue we can present this petition to support the cause and apply some pressure on Warwick County Council to reconsider there decision.Please forward this to as many people as possibleThanksHenry Webster

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