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Signatures for Reinstate Telford School's Lollipop Person

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1 HenryWebster  
2 KateWebster  
3 lizparham  
4 SandyBoyes  
5 KerryBooth  
6 NeilWilliamson  
7 MelissaBoyes  
8 MelanieHarvey  
9 CarlBooth Cars are still dangerous, lollipop person still required!
10 ChrisTaylor  
11 AndreaTaylor  
12 sarahminers  
13 EmilyMcArthur  
14 SarahWoodward  
15 CharlotteBayley With the cars parked all along the road you have to wander right out in to the road before you can see whether it's clear to cross. With 3 children in tow this is nerve wracking! Bring back the lollipop!
16 NicoleGoodier ridiculous decision!This much needed.
17 JulieWilliams  
18 FayPowell I live on Telford AVenue and cars drive far too fast down it. Not only does the Lollipop Lady help with the crossing, they act as a visual reminder to drive more carefully
19 JohnCleary I cannot see how the absence of a crossing patrol officer can justified on a lack of risk, this is a busy (narrow) road used by buses and lorries the only justification must be budget...our children's lives are more important.
20 CatherineScotcher  
21 HeatherCohen  
22 SianGulliver Telford Avenue is congested and dangerous at school pick up/drop off. It is an accident waiting to happen
23 LouWhite  
24 GemmaJones  
25 JoannaBarnes  
26 CarolineClay  
27 JuliaVeasey  
28 NicolaDavies  
29 LouiseParry  
30 HelenSutton  
31 AndrewTaylor  
32 MelanieParry  
33 KatieCleary It's so necessary that we have a Lollipop person. I am worried that otherwise there will be an accident involving a child one day. Telford Ave is very busy at school pick up times, cars park both sides of the road close to school (often where they should
34 NikkiMills  
35 ColeenJones Why are we risking the safety of our children and parents?? This service cannot cost a great deal of money BUT the service provided is priceless
36 RuthWhitehead As I understand it the previous lady resigned and a decision was then made not to appoint anyone else. This is ridiculous and wouldn't have come about if the post wasn't vacant. This is a busy road with very poor visibility at peak times.
37 LaraLee Absolute disgrace to suggest that 2 schools on the same site with over 700 students between them on a very busy road doesn't meet the required level to warrant a lollipop lady!
38 MichelleLewis What a ridiculous situation on a busy road. The crossing person needs to be reinstated ASAP before there is a fatality!
39 SarahBoad Working hard at the county Counci to get it reinstated - meeting Road Safety staff this week.
40 EmilyBeerling It's a busy main road on a bus route and needs a lolly pop person
41 TamsinRounce  
42 alisonmarland  
43 GillTreanor Visibility is poor when the cars are parked during school run hours, even at the usual crossing point there isn't a clear view of traffic coming along the road.
44 juliaparra A rediculous desicion to not have a patrol officer.
45 Michelle Edwards This service saves our children's lives. People drive like idiots down telford avenue.
46 KerstiO'Malley Disgraceful to think that the council is prepared to put the lives of children at risk to save a few pennies.
47 RobertVeasey It is really important to have a lollipop person or at least a pelican crossing on this road as some of the junior children walk to school unaccompanied. It also helps to deter inappropriate, dangerous parking on the restricted zones,
48 soniarobbins We cannot just wait until something terrible occurs
49 ElizabethHorton  
50 LorraineWright  
51 NatalieHoughton Telford avenue needs a crossing. The road is a very dangerous one to cross, too many parked cars blocking the view up and down the road and cars travelling too fast.
52 JenniferJenkin  
53 HELENRICHARDSON I am shocked and also very worried that Telford School does not meet the criteria/requirements for a lollipop person now. An accident is waiting to happen as cars drive quickly through Telford Av, children attempt to cross near parked cars.
54 JonSayers  
55 PatriciaMorales  
56 MarkButler I am most concerned about the decision to not replace the school's Lollipop person, in recent years there have been incidents near the school involving dogs being hit by traffic around school when coming or going from school, next time it could be a child
57 MaureenChivers  
58 emmadurrant It is necessary to step into the road to see if there are any cars approaching due to the lack of visibility caused by all the parked cars by school crossing, v dangerous with 4 small children in tow. Shouldn't walking to school be best/safest option?
59 JulieTidd  
60 TabethaHastings  
61 CarolineJackson  
62 AbiDixon This is a busy crossing which is really hard to cross due to the cars parked on both sides of the road. It is an accident waiting to happen.
63 AnnaClarke-Bryan  
64 EmmaWatts  
65 GailO'Brien  
66 ShaunO'Brien The heavy parking on this road makes some sort of supervised crossing imperative to the safety of Telford School's pupils. Please act now before it's too late.
67 SarahAvern  
68 NeilMcComiskey This is vital for our children's safety.
69 JoanneKnee  
70 SarahBull  
71 JamieBryan Please reinstate the lollipop person! Amongst other things, its very important for all of the kids to understand the rules of the road from someone else other than their mother or father.
72 CarolynHodgkin My toddler and I were hit by a car when crossing the road near Telford school at school pick-up time last year. Busy road, cars parked down both sides etc - no lollipop person means more accidents.
73 RyanCranton Disgraceful decision taken by Warwick County Council! Telford Avenue is one of the busiest roads in Lillington & Cubbington! According the 2012 Ofsted report, Telford Junior School had almost 30% more pupils than the national average! It's a big school!
74 LouiseBriggs  
75 Ben larard  
76 JennyPulman How can children safely cross an extremeley busy road. It's hard enough crossing as an adult. An accident waiting to happen!
77 KathyWebster Children's safety is more important than costs
78 DeborahRemmer  
79 StevenCleary  
80 StephaniePilbeam  
81 JulianParham Agree essential to retain this service due to high volume of traffic at peak times, and restricted access caused by parked vehicles
82 GavinKelly  
83 DaveWhitehead  
84 BrendaBragg  
85 GaryLee  
86 LouiseClarke With the amount of parked cars down this road at the start and end of each day, I believe this is a dangerous and ill-considered decision.
87 RosKaijaks  
88 DawnTrotman When the first young child gets knocked over will it have been worth such a paltry saving. Surely a Lollipop person is not a huge expense.
89 PennyOverton A lollipop lady is vital - due to parked cars one has to enter into the road to assess the safety. Older children should be given opportunity to learn how to cross safely, without parents as they mature. This is now dangerous. A very bad decision WCC.
90 EmmaBish  
91 CharlesOverton  
92 PaulRamsbottom The parking of drop off children creates a dangerous hazard around the school entrance. A Lollipop lady is surely a must to offset any potential disasters.
93 HelenPerkins  
94 KateEddington  
95 AndreaEllis  
96 JohnBarnes  
97 JamesO'Malley What do we have to do, wait for a child to get run over before we get a new lollipop person.
98 ShireenCarvalho Desperately need a lollipop lady .. the roads not safe for kids to be crossing without one
99 GailEvans I cannot believe this decision that road is horrendous at school times accident waiting to happen! and it will be on the councils head!!!!
100 JoanneRichardson